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  COVID-19 Safe Treatment  

Your continued wellbeing is our priority and our governing body, the APNT, has produced some very specific government-approved guidelines which we will be adhering to as we invite clients back for treatment. These guidelines are in place so we can work as safely in our setting, but they do mean we have had to alter our processes in order to be fully compliant.

We will be opening on Monday 20th July and are currently taking bookings.

COVID-19 safe treatment
• We are allowed a maximum ‘close contact time’ of 45 minutes
• We will be ensuring a full 30 minutes between each treatment in order to thoroughly clean and sanitise the studio for the next client
• To maximise our time together we will arrange a phone consultation the day before treatment to go through your needs and understand any issues you may have. This will allow us to tailor a treatment specifically for you
• We will also fill out a risk assessment consultation as a new compulsory requirement 
• We will keep ‘chat’ to a minimum during sessions.

You will receive:
• The maximum possible table time
• A bespoke treatment
• The required level of Personal Protective Equipment
• A fully hygienic and safe environment.

• Please note: mandatory guidelines mean we will not be able to work on the face or do any face up or supine near the chest or neck.

Preparing for your treatment:
• Please bring your own bottle of water
• Use the loo before you come if possible
• Bring a face mask and wear it at all times.

On arrival at the studio:
• Please wait in your car until your therapist calls you in (keep an eye out!)
• Your therapist will wait outside while you get ready for treatment
• After your session we will leave you to get dressed
• We will take payment by card if possible.

• Bel     £60
• Emma    £60
• Nathalie    £47

Gift vouchers:
• We will be honouring all gift vouchers regardless of the date shown
• Anyone with a 60 minute gift voucher will receive a Covid-safe treatment
• Anyone with a 90 minute voucher will receive a Covid-safe treatment plus £15 reimbursement.
Those with multiple 90 minute vouchers will receive 4 Covid-safe treatments per 3 vouchers.

Please bear with us as we re-open fully. By implementing and regularly reviewing best practice in line with official guidelines you can be sure we are treating you safely.
We really look forward to welcoming you back and nurturing your bodies!

Upcoming treatments & products
Once it is safe to do so we will be offering the following:

Facial rejuvenation massage
• Bel and Nathalie have both completed training in facial rejuvenation 
• It is an amazing massage technique that involves lifting and sculpting to help improve muscle tone in the face, making skin look younger and helping minimise lines and wrinkles. It is wonderfully relaxing!
• Once it is safe to do so we will be offering this treatment to you all.

• Bel is currently training in aromatherapy having been convinced of the potency and benefits of quality essential oils
• Both Bel and Nathalie are using doTERRA oils with their own families at home to promote health and well-being 
• If you want to learn more about the healing properties and benefits of oils please contact us.


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