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"I have been going to Bel for just over a year now and she has been the only person able to release the tensions and other problems in my neck and back. She identifies the root of these problems before treating and has an experienced and gifted eye and touch. Her therapeutic massage is wonderful. I cannot recommend Bel highly enough."

"Belinda is a highly skilled massage therapist and she is a professional at all times. She is extremely talented and approaches each and every session with tremendous enthusiasm and positive energy. I have been a regular client of Belinda for well over a year and I offer my highest praise and recommendation."

"I recommend Bel unreservedly because she has the skill, knowledge and understanding to make a difference that lasts."

"Bel has great knowledge of musculature, and is hugely skilled in applying this in massages expertly tailored to her individual clients. I cannot recommend her too highly for both remedial and relaxation massage."

"Bel focuses on the core problems intelligently, and solves them with humour and charm."

"Bel was recommended to me by a physiotherapist who couldn't help me any more. I have suffered for years with various painful problems, within a couple of treatments I started to feel the benefits. A year down the line with regular visits I have managed to keep my physically demanding job. I cannot recommend Bel highly enough."

"I have been coming to Bel for many years for therapeutic massage and when I was diagnosed with cancer she was invaluable in supporting me throughout both my treatment and post recovery. Her knowledge and expertise has played a major part in my recovery and I would highly recommend anyone diagnosed with cancer to contact her for a consultation. It is now widely acknowledged that a holistic approach to cancer treatment can be extremely beneficial and I would not hesitate to recommend Bel at Dorset Massage as an excellent therapist."

"I first went to see Bel about 18 months ago, suffering from an incredibly tight IT band and lower back pain which had niggled me for many years and would prevent me from running any more than once or twice a week, not ideal as a long distance runner. Within a few sessions Bel had worked the problem through, loosened me up and given me specific and effective exercises to do at home to build my core strength. Over the years I had visited numerous clinics for treatment, but none have been as effective as that I receive from Bel; she understands how a body works and manages to get straight to the problem. I trust her work completely and know that my success this year would not have happened without her expertise and support in keeping me going."

"I am a woman in my early 50’s who came to Bel after having pain in my back and legs for a number of years. Bel sorted me out an exercise programme and gave me regular treatment, which, with perseverance and commitment on both sides has had great results. After 4 months I am now totally pain free and completely mobile. I am so thankful to Bel and would recommend her to anyone."

"I went to Bel a few months ago with a challenge! I have been suffering with vertigo due to a giant, rock solid knot in my neck, and I have terribly knotted shoulders all the time due to my job. Bel has been working her magic every two weeks for the last 2 months my shoulders feel amazing after every session, the knot is gradually getting smaller and for the last month I have been vertigo free! Bel has been amazing in helping me and it’s such a relief not to have to take medication everyday. Thanks Bel!"

"The most wonderful, therapeutic massage I have ever had. My friend recommended I visit Bel to sort out my stiff neck, a result of sitting in front of a computer all day at work. I noticed the results after the first massage and it seemed completely sorted after the second. I am now planning on going just for the sheer relaxation and indulgence of it!"

"I had been in pain for a number of years as a result of lupus, which affects my joints, I also have an old shoulder injury. Driving and sitting at a computer for work was not helping. I arrived to see Bel very knotted, stressed and in pain. I was struggling to stand straight!
The initial consultation was very thorough and professional, Bel had researched lupus and she discussed with me a course of treatment tailored to suit my individual needs. Bel's professional manner filled me with confidence and put me at ease. Bel is a gifted and natural masseur, very intuitive and without hesitation the most beneficial, effective and relaxing massage I have ever experienced. I feel completely relaxed and at ease with Bel. After the first treatment I felt so light and relieved from pain. I have been to see Bel regularly and I am on the road to recovery, my pain and mobility improves with each treatment and the positive effects are lasting longer and longer."


"I have been having back and wrist problems for over a year now. I work as a dental hygienist which involves me sitting awkwardly for 5 days a week. After visiting numerous health professionals I was recommended to visit Bel by a friend. Bel has been so helpful in aiding my back and life back to some kind of normality. I have found Bel to be extremely empathetic and understanding. Bel has worked closely with me trying to adapt rather change anything dramatically in my life. Bel has also treated my arms with MFR, which has resulted in a complete recovery with no remaining pain. Bel has liaised with my personal trainer to ensure that I have been given the correct stretches and after care. I have been so pleased with my treatment and would not hesitate to recommend her for remedial long term care."



Therapeutic Massage
Finding a good massage is all fair enough when you live in a bustling metropolis, but what if, like me, you've opted for a more rural existence? Well I managed to track down Belinda Silcox in West Dorset. Belinda's warm and caring nature immediately put me at ease as she took me through a quick consultation to establish any specific injuries or requests and before long I was laid face down on the treatment table ready for my full body massage. A graduate of the Exeter School of Bodywork, Belinda's skill and professionalism was apparent from the start, Her long sweeping strokes – with just the right amount of pressure – were accompanied by more targeted kneading and rolling as she expertly pin-pointed and ironed out the knots without me having to utter a word… just the occasional groan of pleasure. An hour later I was blissfully relaxed, stress free and booked in for another session.

Tester: Carol Krosnar
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